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Thanks to its experienced team, Nolitrex stands out in the logistics field. For each of its customers, Nolitrex is able to coordinate logistics, both in the supply chain and in the transport of a processed product. Over the years, Nolitrex experts have demonstrated that dynamic asset management, coupled with minimal and optimal storage time, enable customers to remain competitive in their industries. The coordination of logistics goes as far as being on rail, water or the roads. And to make life easier for customers, Nolitrex offers the services required for customs. Located in a busy industrial park in Ville Saguenay, Nolitrex has access to an internal railway and three other exterior railways, all of which are connected to the North American Canadian National (CN) network.


Thanks to its high performance equipment, Nolitrex is able to transship all types of goods. Whether it’s bulk, in liquid form or finished product, the company is going to deliver them to the destination of your choice. Nolitrex relies on large-scale industrial equipements :

  • Forklift (indoor and outdoor), capacity of 5 000 to 15 000 pounds;
  • Bucket loader, capacity of 13 000 pounds with various specialty buckets;
  • Crane with various capacities;
  • Stowage tools for wagons and trailers of all type.


As a specialist in this area of expertise, our company counts on rolling equipment able to answer all the needs of our industrial customers. Whether for a regional destination, in the province or elsewhere in Canada and the United States, your merchandise will be delivered on time.

  • Tractors;
  • Closed and open semitrailers;
  • Curtain side trailers;
  • Platforms.


Our facilities represent a most strategic location for storage. We provide 128,000 square feet of indoor storage space and 900,000 square feet of outdoor storage space. All exterior warehouses are fenced, lighted and have a security system. Our buildings offer several possibilities:

  • Heated or unheated;
  • Short and long term;
  • Conditions of handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery according to your requirements.

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